Marketing Studies and Research

Marketing research can be defined as a group of integrated activities in which data and statistics are collected and analyzed, in order to provide information that helps in making decisions.

Marketing research has significance; it discloses market gaps and competitive advantages and knows whether there is a scope for the project products or services or whether the market is fully saturated. Therefore, it is a step that the investor must take in order to determine the project financial feasibility. However, by calculating sales volume, supply and demand, profitability can be calculated, thereby ensuring the project economic feasibility.

Through this service, we know the following:

· Evaluating target markets, quantifying supply and indicating current and projected demand for periods up to 10 years.

· The target audience’s needs and desires.

· The number of competitors, what they provide and how they deal.

· The time plan for launching products in the market.

· Strategies for launching products in the target markets.

· Competitive advantages of the launched products or services and comparing them to the existing products or services.

· The project success factors and the most significant risks the project may face in the future.

· Product prices in light of the existing competition volume.

· Clients’ reviews on products or services through survey lists.

· The markets’ need for the project products or services through various survey methods. How to promote and develop the sales plan.

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